DOM offers a rent-to-buy option, which is a cost-effective solution that will improve our customers’ bottom line. This rental process consists of a simple fixed monthly payment plan that is paid to DOM for an agreed contract period.

At the end of this rental agreement the customer then has the option to:

  • Hand back the equipment with no further payments,
  • Continue the rental agreement, or
  • Purchase the machinery at either a predetermined price or at the current market price less a rental rebate.
  • DOM Distribution does not charge any account keeping fees to its customers for this service or penalties for early payouts of machinery and equipment.

The benefits of renting include:

  • Try before you buy
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Cost-effective option to upgrade or innovate
  • 100% tax deductible rental repayments
  • Agreed rental rebate on future purchase
  • Rented equipment is not considered a business asset, debt or a business liability
  • Greater borrowing power

We recommend that you discuss all options thoroughly with your financial advisor or accountant because every business is different, terms and conditions will apply, and can change at any time.