Road Upgrades for Heavy Vehicles

$14.4 million has been allocated for road upgrades in Queensland to increase safety and usability for heavy vehicles. This is part of the Australian Government’s National Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme which is set to provide $200 million for projects between now and 2019. The $14.4 million grant is spread across five regions with […]

Qld Exploration Grants

A million dollar grant has been announced for the further exploration of Queensland’s North-West metal areas and South-West gas zones, following last month’s 11,000 kmĀ² land release for petroleum and gas exploration tenders. The focus for this grant is to improve investment opportunities in the mining and energy fields. Three projects near Cloncurry have been […]

Surat Basin Mining & Energy Expo

We spent a couple of days out at the annual Surat Basin Mining & Energy Expo from 17-18 June. We brought along our K-Tec 1233 ADT train and the Wolverine Ditcher (pictured below), which we are proud to be bringing to the Australian market. If you didn’t get the chance it make it out, or […]

Brisbane’s New Parallel Runway Project (a K-Tec Job)

The $1.35 billion New Parallel Runway Project in Brisbane is the biggest aviation project in Australia. DOM’s K-Tec 1233 scraper train has been specifically selected to transform the reclaimed 360 hectare marshland site into over 12km of taxiways and a 3.3km long by 60m wide runway (pictured right). The K-Tec will be a vital part […]