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Brisbane’s New Parallel Runway Project (a K-Tec Job)

The $1.35 billion New Parallel Runway Project in Brisbane is the biggest aviation project in Australia. DOM’s K-Tec 1233 scraper train has been specifically selected to transform the reclaimed 360 hectare marshland site into over 12km of taxiways and a 3.3km long by 60m wide runway (pictured right). The K-Tec will be a vital part in moving 17 million cubic yards of dredged beach sand.

The K-Tec scrapers were chosen because conventional motor scrapers and loaded dump trucks couldn’t handle the difficult terrain. For this job, the K-Tec scraper has been put in a train setup behind a Quadtrac power unit. This combination enables simultaneous self-loading of two 1233 units with only one operator. The K-Tec’s GPS capabilities mean that it can level the sand as the project progresses with no further machinery or assistance required.