The K-Tec 9.525 ADT is designed specifically for those hard to work jobs where maneuverability and width restrictions are an issue. The 9.525 uses joy-stick scraper control for easy and precise maneuverability on even the most challenging of sites.

The 9.525 ADT is the smallest K-Tec in the fleet measuring up at only 3.5 meters wide, but don’t let this fool you the 9.525 still hauls a considerable 25 cubic yards of dirt per load. Designed specifically for the hardest of jobs it’s able to operate in all conditions and utilizes maximum power and efficiency from the ADT towing unit while remaining agile and manoeuvrable.

All K-Tecs, including the 9.525 ADT, use a unique hitching system in order to distribute load weight that minimizes stress on the hitching tongue and prevents damage on the towing unit. With most K-Tecs, 70% of the weight is transferred to the scraper’s axles, placing less stress on the tractor’s rear axle, which enables the K-Tec to take maximum advantage of the pulling unit’s power.

The 9.525 is also exceptionally low maintenance in comparison to other scrapers. Rather than having 15-25 grease points that require multiple services daily, all K-Tec’s take full advantage of K-Tec’s innovative “Lube-Tec One Minute Grease Points.” The 9.525 has been designed with only two grease points that require daily service, while the other four grease points only require greasing every 250 hours. This makes the K-Tec exceptionally efficient to run and means labor hours are directly dedicated to working rather than maintaining and servicing the machine. These ground-breaking innovations have made the K-Tec scrapers the most productive and profitable option available.


K-Tec 9.525 ADT Scraper Spec Sheet


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